Dr.Kiyoshi Kishida
Secretary General
Keynote Lectures

Prof. Xia-Ting Feng

Tuesday, 14 October, 10:30-11:10, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Xia-Ting Feng

ISRM President, The Chinese Academy of Sciences

Tunneling and underground construction in China-challenges and progress

Prof. Toshifumi Matsuoka

Tuesday, 14 October, 11:10-11:50, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Toshifumi Matsuoka

Kyoto University, Japan

Contributions of rock physics to carbon dioxide capture and sequestration

Prof. Derek Elsworth

Wednesday, 15 October, 10:55-11:35, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Derek Elsworth

Pennsylvania State University, USA

Key coupled processes related to gas-fracturing in unconventional reservoirs

Prof. Surya Parkash

Wednesday, 15 October, 11:35-12:15, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Surya Parkash

National Institute of Disaster Management, India

Geohazards risk management in India

Mr. Rolf Christiansson

Thursday, 16 October, 10:15-10:55, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Mr. Rolf Christiansson

Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co., Sweden

Environmental impact of nuclear waste management - Concerns from intermediate storage to final disposal

Prof. Seokwon Jeon

Thursday, 16 October, 10:55-11:35, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Seokwon Jeon

Seoul National University, Korea

Performance assessment of a rock cutting tool

Prof. Ernesto Villaescusa

Thursday, 16 October, 11:35-12:15, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Ernesto Villaescusa

The Curtin University of Technology, Australia

A reinforcement design methodology for highly stressed rock masses

ISRM Franklin Lecture

Prof. Masahiko Osada

Wednesday, 15 October, 10:15-10:55, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Prof. Masahiko Osada

Saitama University, Japan

Drying-induced deformation characteristics of rocks

ISRM Rocha Medal Lecture

Dr. M.S.A Perera

Tuesday, 14 October, 9:30-10:10, Room A (Royton Hall CD, Level 3)

Dr. Mandadige Samintha Anne Perera

Monash University, Australia

Effects of Carbon Dioxide Sequestration on Coal's Hydro-Mechanical behaviour

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