Dr.Kiyoshi Kishida
Secretary General
Students' Night

This event is being organized to encourage the active participation of young members, especially students, in the community of rock mechanics, rock engineering and various related fields to establish a network among them and to create good memories in Japan.

This event is FREE-OF-CHARGE and there is no reason for young members, especially students, to miss this great opportunity! However, PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Persons who wish to join this event are kindly requested to pre-register by following the instructions for the online registration on the web or by sending an email to BEFORE 31 AUGUST, 2014.

Since the maximum number of participants is only about 40, we anticipate your earliest registration.

Sapporo Night View

Program Outline

The event consists of...

  1. VISIT to SAPPORO TV TOWER from which you can enjoy a beautiful night view of Sapporo City.
  2. DINNER PARTY at SAPPORO BEER GARDEN where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine, including mutton, seafood, vegetables and salad. At the party, you can also enjoy short talks intended for young members and a Quiz contest.

Students' Night
Date:14 October, 2014
Meeting time:Just after the end of the Symposium Session (18:10) on 14 October, 2014
Meeting place:Main Entrance on Level 1 of Royton Sapporo
General flow of the event:

Royton Sapporo » » Sapporo TV Tower » » Sapporo Beer Garden

··· Chartered Bus

After the event, the chartered bus will stop at Sapporo Station, Odori Park Station and Royton Sapporo considering the various accommodations of the participants.

Important notice

Since the maximum number of participants is about 40, please understand that the highest priority will be given to students.

After the registration and screening, we will send a notification by email to all the registered members so you will know whether you can officially participate in the event or not, along with detailed information.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Sapporo!

Any enquiry is welcome.




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